Volunteer/Get A Plot

Oasis Community Garden accepts new volunteers from January 1st until July 1st of each season. If you'd like to become a volunteer, send an email to volunteers@OasisCommunityGarden.com during that time.

After you send an email, you'll hear back from our Volunteer Coordinator who will set up an orientation with you and one of our Gardeners. They'll give you a tour of Oasis, show you how to record your hours, fill you in on our policies and what our role is in the community. Then they'll put you to work and let you know when you can come in to work in the future. If interested, you may also be assigned to off-site projects such as updating our website, event planning, fundraising and working with social media.

After contributing 15 hours of work, you'll be eligible to sign an Associate Gardener contract. Associate Gardeners receive a key to Oasis and host 4 Open Hours shifts. They also help out at events, participate in Work Days and handle other Garden projects—all of which count towards the additional 15 hours needed to become an Active Gardener.

Active Gardeners sign a contract requiring an additional 4 Open Hours shifts and participation in other Garden duties. Active Gardeners are also eligible for a plot in Oasis.

At the moment, there is a plot available.

All volunteer hours accumulated during one season roll over to consecutive seasons.