To become a volunteer at Oasis Community Garden please e-mail:

2024 Season Updates

Show up on the first Saturday of every month between 12 - 4 pm to volunteer!

Our volunteer coordinators will be there to answer your questions about Oasis and ready to give you projects so you can build up your volunteer hours.

Volunteer days 2024

  • Saturday, May 4
  • Saturday, June 1
  • Saturday, July 6
  • Saturday, August 3
  • Saturday, September 7
  • Saturday, October 5

How to become an Associate Gardener

After contributing 15 hours of volunteer work, you'll be eligible to sign an Associate Gardener contract.

Associate Gardeners receive a key to Oasis and host 2 Open Hours shifts. They also help out at events, participate in work days and handle other garden projects.

How to become an Active Gardener

After an additional 15 hours (for a total of 30 hours) of volunteer work, you will become an Active Gardener.

Active Gardeners sign a contract requiring an additional 5 Open Hours shifts (for a total of 7 shifts) and participation in other garden duties. Active Gardeners are also eligible for a plot in Oasis. At the moment, there are no plots available and we have a short waitlist.

All volunteer hours accumulated during one season roll over to consecutive seasons.


updated 5/8/2024