From Summer Dark 8/4

Excellent weather!

Our First Reader came all the way from Salem Mass., Curtis M. Lawson

Our Second Reader, all the way from Brooklyn, John Foster

Many thanks to James Chambers for all his support from HWA!

Sitting in the audience were Kathleen and Kristine Scheiner who made treats for the break, and Kristine donated her adult coloring book, Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park for a giveaway. Also was V. Peter Collins who has been helping Summer Dark and will be reading next week.

Thank you all for making Summer Dark awesome!

Gifts from our reader Charie D. La Marr

Lovely Coreopsis

A marker...Thank you Charie!

From Summer Dark 7/28

The weather stayed good for us!

Steven Van Patten shared the chills!

Marc Abbott reads his tale of furry friends protecting their humans.

Mr. Cicada came out to share the fear.

From Summer Dark 7/21

Oasis' own Heather reads from Hell's Garden

The very talented Alp Beck reads a story from Hell's Grannies and
 "Heels" soon to be published.

Some of our audience

Alp and April Grey AKA Avril

April Grey reads 

From Summer Dark 7/7
In the "green room" prior to reading.

A big thank you to the HWA!

 Teel James Glenn weaves his Magic storytelling.

 Charie D. La Marr reading from her collection!

From Make Music NY 2017

From the Garden